Welcome to Solar Tycoon. Manage your own solar panel producing firm and learn all about running a company in the sustainable energy industry.
For a quick introduction, a few general questions below.

– How does this game work?

Start off by requesting a starting loan and making up a name for your firm. Think hard about this, it could influence the success of your firm! Next up: playing the game!
You are able to buy solar panel producing machines, research, sell solar panels, manage your stock, license your R&D, request another loan etc. The game takes place with turns. While consumers are controlled by the game, you compete with your classmates to sell your panels. Think very well about every move you make!

– How does research work?

When you own a machine, you can research two different aspects of the machine:

  1. The quality of the panels the machine can produce
  2. The amount of panels a machine can produce each turn

Using the sliders in the R&D menu will decide the amount of money invested in research. You can research multiple aspects of multiple machines at the same time. Research is always done for an entire machine series. When you have more of one machine in a series on your factory floor, all machines will raise in level when research succeeds. At the beginning of a new turn you can view the results of the research. The research can succeed or fail. When succeeded you can research the next quality or quantity level until the max of the machine series is reached. When failed you can attempt to raise in level as many times as you like. No research goes lost, every time you reattempt the chance of success increases.
How much you need to invest to succeed? It’s up to you to find out!

– How do licenses work?

Use the Shop menu to buy licenses. There will be licenses available when other players license their research. A license will allow the player to increase the quality or quantity levels of their machines. When a license is bought all machines in the series will increase to the level of the license.

– How does licensing to others work?

When you succeed in research, you can license your current quality or quantity level for an entire machine series. You cannot license a bought license.

– How does the Stock work?

Whenever panels are produced, they will end up in your stock. All panels in stock can be sold when the turn will end. Prices have to be set for each quality. Try not sell your panels for an unfair price.

– For whom is this game?

For students of the <…> The game is meant to be played in class. You get your user name and password from the teacher. With this user name and password you are able to play from outside your class as well.
Nobody from outside the program is allowed to play the game.